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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back with a freebie

Well that didn't take too long lol. Had to go pick up the kids from my parent's house. But here is your freebie for today. Hugs to all and thank you so much for all the wonderful comments on the Hard Candy Christmas Album freebie. I'm so glad you all liked it!!! And please send me your work. I'd love to show off your pages here!

Special thanks to Atomic Cupcake on this one.

Grab it here.

There is still time

My grab bags will be opened on Sunday so you still have time to grab (hehe) them while they are still at a reduced price. Just to be sweet I'll put up a little preview for you of what's inside.

There are 4 new items and this is just a taste. They will sale for $12 when opened but in the bag are only $4. What a deal!!!! And as always my Commercial use products are no credit required. You can find it here.

I'll also give you a hint on the personal use bag. There are 2 not so mini kits and two element packs. These will be $8.50 when revealed and are only $4 in the bag. This one can be purchased here.

And don't forget about the December Mega kit at Bits2Kits. This kit is awesome! It has 78 12x12 300dpi Papers, 17 Buttons, 10 Bows, 3 Fibres, 7 Baubles, 24 Ribbons, 9 Tags, 4 Trees, 1 String of Beads, 7 Frames, 9 Snowflakes, 3 Holly, 1 Set of Sequins, 1 Snowman Charm, 1 Snowman Sticker, 1 Lollipop, 3 Strings of Ribbon, 3 Stringed Bows, 5 Crumpled Ribbons, 6 Hanging Baubles, 1 Stocking, 1 Star, 6 Presents, 1 Glittery Star, 5 Stitches, 1 Christmas Wishes Charm, and 1 Upper and Lower case Alpha. WOW! And right now it's only $5!!! Here are a few previews.

See it here.

Back later with a freebie!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007


Hello everyone! I hope you all have a safe a joyful Christmas. I have had a blast so far. The kids are really getting into it this year. You've all seen the kids that rip open a present, throw it over their shoulders and grab the next one? Not my kids took them a good 30 minutes to pry themselves away from one gift to even open the next one. Their favorites so far have been harmonicas and little toy laptops lol. Oh and the indoor slid they got from their aunt and uncle. Yeah, my living room has now officially exploded lol.

But here is a Christmas freebie for you. I was going to put it in the store for sale but decided I would give it away instead. It goes with my Hard Candy Christmas kit so be sure to check that out to add some more pages for your albums.

Grab it here and here.

Be sure to get both parts.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Freebie

It's almost here and if you all are like me you're up to your eyeballs in wrapping paper and bows lol. I'm usually the person everyone hates because I have my shopping finished in July. Not this year...I'm still trying to put it all together and make sure I didn't forget anyone...

Oh least I did have time to post this freebie for you. I hope you all enjoy. And I will be back before Christmas with something special for you all. Thank you for all the wonderful comments and keep them coming!

Get it here.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Glittler Snowflake Frames

Well we had a little bit of snow today. Not enough to get out and paly in, but it was pretty comming down. So it inspired me to make some frames for you all to use in your winter/Christmas layouts. Hope you enjoy!!!

Get it here.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Another Christmas QP

Here's another QP for you made from my Hard Candy Christmas kit. I hope you all like it and thank you so much for all your wonderful comments. If you like this page be sure to check out B2K in a few days for a complete album to go with it.

Hugs to all!

Grab it here.

And here are some of my products over at B2K. So go check them out!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Quick Page Freebie

Here is a quick page freebie for you. I hope you like it.

Grab it here

And be sure to jump over to Bits2Kits and grab the Brag book QP to match. Chris made them for me and they are beautiful. Thank you Chris!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Countdown to Christmas

It's here!! The Bits2Kits countdown to Christmas has started! Today the first freebie is by me and will only be up for 24 hours so be sure to check back every day to get the rest of the kit. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!

Here's a preview of today's freebie. I had 1 12x12 paper 1 frame 1 button and 1 string. This should be an awesome kit so be sure and get started today!

Grab it here

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Getting in the Christmas spirit

I'm back lol...I've been soooo busy the last week getting some great Christmas kits out in the store. And to put every one else in the mood I thought I'd give you all a QP made with my new kit, "Snow Folk". Look for the kit at Bits2Kits you won't be sorry!

Also check out Bits2Kits for some awesome freebies starting the day after Thanksgiving. Each day you will receive a freebie from a different designer. The freebie only lasts 24 hours so be to visit every day. Then on Christmas day be sure come your presents!! Each designer will have a freebie for you that day and maybe a little something extra. So don't forget!!!!

Hugs to all and have a great Turkey Day!!

Grab your QP here

Monday, November 5, 2007

Attention Nana Fans....

First off let me say sorry I haven't been around like I should have been. It's been kinda crazy around here lol...

Secondly, I have several new products in my Bits2Kits store, so check them out. And don't forget to join the Brag book exchange in the forum. All products (excluding grab bags) are 50% off this month! That's a huge sale!!!!

Thirdly, here are some recipe cards I made using Anita's Sweet Attitude kit. I made them for my family as Christmas gifts and thought I would share them with you. Please enjoy and leave some love....

Thanks Anita!!! You're the best!!!!

Grab them here

Thursday, November 1, 2007

November Desktop

I have a really cute November Desktop for you. But you can only get it at Bits2Kits, so while you're there look around. Everything is 50% off this month. There is a great Mega kit for free if you spend $10 or more and some great grab bags, super cheep.

And don't forget to go to the forum and join the Brag book exchange!

Get this one here

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

1st brag book exchange...

I thought I would come entice you to join the exchange at Bits2Kits.

Here is a preview of what you can get for participating.

Not to shabby eh?


Happy Halloween everybody! We took the twins trick or treating last night and it was a blast! Well, we took them to family only, but they still had a great time. They don't eat candy (lol their choice, really) so everybody got them coloring books and stuffed animals and toys lol. They got a pretty good haul. I dressed them as Luke and Princess were so stinkin cute.

But anyhoo, here are the last of the brag book pages. Send me anything you've done with them so I can post them here. I love to see your layouts!!

Be safe and be happy!!

Oh, and if you'd like more freebies head over to Bits2Kits. I posted another fall kit and some alphas there, and there are a few other great things in the freebie section. And be sure to check them out tomorrow for the BIG SALE and REOPENING. I'm hosing a brag book exchange starting tomorrow, so check out the forum for the details. Remember, 50% off!!!!!!!!

Grab them here


and here

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Two freebies today

I've got two for you today, since I missed yesterday. I actually went to a Halloween party! Me, out of the house, no kids!! I was in shock! But here ya go!!! Enjoy...

Get this one here

And this one here

Sale at Angel Dreams Boutique

Don't miss the Halloween sale at angel-dreams-boutique! 35% off everything from now till the 31st! Check it out!

I'll be back in a bit with a freebie!!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

CT call and a freebie...

OK guys and gals, I now need a CT. Wow, I'm so excited lol. I'm looking for a few people to do 2 layouts per kit, per month. You can choose which kits you want to do. I'll need at least 2 layouts a month from you, but if you can do more, have at it. I'd like them to be posted in the stores' gallery as well as two additional galleries of your choice. So if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, just send me a link to your current galleries, your name (of course) and how many other CT's you are on. That's it, not too bad.

Now on to the freebie...

I told you if you liked Brag Books you'd be very happy. So to go with the Halloween kit here is the first of 6 brag book quick pages. Hope you enjoy.

Grab it here

OK I can't stand it anymore...

I was going to make you all wait for a day or so, but I just can't help myself. My big news is....(drum roll please)

I am a new designer at Bits 2 Kits!!!

YAY me!!! Anyway, we are having a big grand re-opening starting November 1st. There is a huge sale and I was planning a fun little challenge for everyone. I though of a brag book exchange or a progressive challenge, where every few days you get a new set of instructions of things to add to your layout. What do you all think? I want everyone to come visit and have fun so you're input is important!

So come see my new store here and tell me what you think. More products will be added very soon.

Thanks again for all your kind words and support!

Oh, and I'll be back later with a freebie for you!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Freebie and BIG news....

OK I'm so excited but I can't tell you why just't you hate when people do that to you? All I can say is that many more of my kits will become available soon for a small price. There will be lots of fun things to do, and lots of great people to chat with...

Now that I have you thoroughly confused, here's your freebie.....

Grab them here

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's alpha time...

Gotta have something to make words with right? lol Hope you like these and thanks again and again and again for the sweet comments.

Special thanks to Atomic Cupcake

Grab them here

Feeling much better...

Thank you all for the well-wishes! I do feel much better today. I think I was just a little run down, but I'm good to go now. I'll be posting Halloween freebies every day until Halloween so keep coming back to get the rest of the kit and a little surprises I hope you'll enjoy. You all are the best!!!

Grab them here

Monday, October 22, 2007

Quick Add on

Sorry this is a quick post. I feel like crud today, but I didn't want you to think I'd forgotten you all...Thanks for the comments and keep them coming!

Grab them here

Sunday, October 21, 2007

More, More, More...

Because I love you all so much I've made even more for

Keep checking back because there is more on the way and for those that like Brag'll be very happy, very soon.....

Hugs to all!!!

Grab them here

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Yep, it's gonna be a full kit....

OK so as I've said in the past, I get carried away sometimes lol...this is no exception. I have some new papers for you to go with the Halloween stuff. I also have a few more little tricks, or should I say treats, up my sleeve, so keep checking back!

Remember to leave some love, I'm not above begging ya know lol...

Thanks bunches!

Grab them here

Friday, October 19, 2007

Almost the weekend freebie...

Well it's almost the weekend, YAY! So I thought I spit out another little freebie for you. If I keep going with this you'll have a whole Halloween kit lol....

Thanks again to everyone, and remember to leave some love. It makes me happy lol......

Grab it here

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's Toro

OK I know no one has a clue what I'm talking about, but every Tuesday my best friend comes in and we go to our favorite restaurant, Toro Loco. So we started calling it Toro know, we're goofy. But in honor of my belly that soon will be full of the best Mexican food on the planet here are some Halloween frames to go with the papers from a few days ago...
Hope you like them and please, pass the

Grab them here...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's the weekend...

Well I know I said a freebie a day for a week then the kit, but you all have been soooo great I just couldn't help myself. Since the Halloween felts have been such a big hit I thought I'd make a few more for you. This set is mostly word art but I hope you can use it. Oh, and if you do, please send it to me and I'll post it here. I would love to see what you all have done! Thanks again for all the great comments, they are very encouraging. I just can't say it enough! lol...

Snatch it up here

Friday, October 12, 2007

Well it's Friday (barely) and you know what that means...full kit freebie lol. As always I truly hope you like it. And thank you soooooo much for all the comments! I can't believe how many people liked my Halloween papers and patches. That has just made my week!! Heather S, did you get the papers OK? If not let me know and I'll get them to you. Thanks again everybody!!

Grab the kit here

Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's been one week...

WOW! I can't believe how many hits I've had in just one week! THANK YOU!!! You all are the best!

There's nothing new and exciting going on at the homestead today...that's usually a good thing lol. But I did get the new Shabby Princess 2008 calendar. It is absolutely gorgeous! But then again everything from there is. You need to check it out... Beautiful stuff...

So I was working on Christmas gifts with my new calendars and though I'd whip up a few Halloween papers. I really hope you like them. The colors will go with the felt patches from yesterday so you'll have something else to work with. Who knows, I may make a few more things too. I'm still doing the full kit tomorrow so be sure and check back. Thanks again for all your kind words. Like I said, you all are the best!

Grab them here

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Halloween...One of my Favorites.

Yes it's 3:30 in the you know why I hate when my kids get up at 8am lol. But I just couldn't help myself. I love Halloween! Every year the kids love coming to my house because I always deck it out in the coolest stuff. I have cauldrons, skeletons, spider web, tombstones, creepy music name it. I also do little bags of goodies with usually a coloring book, crayons, stickers, pencils and couple pieces of candy. I figure they get enough sweet stuff so I try to give them something extra. I love to see their little faces when I drop the goodies in their bags! It makes me happy!! lol

So in honor of one of my favorite holidays here are some felt Halloween goodies for YOU.

Grab them at

Special thanks to Atomic Cupcake for her actions. I love this woman!!!

and some Halloween shapes by Connie Prince/DigiDiva Designs

OH! I almost forgot...notice my new comment box? Spiffy huh? (hint hint)

Hugs to all!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Good Morning...I think...

Well again, I'm up way too early. My son is cutting his last four molars and he wakes up just screaming sometimes...poor baby. He always cut at least 2 at a time and these last few are about to do him in. You know that has to hurt like the devil. But he's back asleep and I'm heading back that way myself very shortly. Just wanted to make sure you got your freebie today! Ahhh how

You can grab them here at

Be sure to leave me some love, I think I'm gonna need it today!

Hugs to all and a great big thank you!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Here we are again...

OK, first of all my kids got up waaaayyyy to early for me this morning so if I mess something up please forgive me and let me know.

Secondly, don't ever try to take a pair of slippers off a child who thinks she's a princess in them, because you WILL have a fight on your hands. I tried to get my daughter's off when I went to bed last night and she threw a fit! Then every 2 minutes for the next half hour she'd grab her feet to make sure they were still there. So this morning she has little sweaty, stinky feet but she's happy, so oh well.

Thirdly, terrible two's with twins is just down right frightening. They fought all day yesterday. He couldn't look at her without her getting mad. But at the end of the day they cuddled up together and slept, so maybe they won't kill each other after all.

Well enough about that lol.....on to the freebie.

I've had these for a while and just think they as so cute, if I do say so myself. I hope you feel the same.

Grab them at

Thanks sooo much for all the great comments. They have made my day! Please keep them coming!!! And Marti, I'm working on a little something just for you lol. I love grunge and glitter too! Thanks for the suggestion.

Don't forget, Friday is the big day...A whole kit for you to enjoy. I may give you a little peek in a day of so....

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Another day, another freebie...

Today I have a nice photo cluster for your download enjoyment.
So what would you like to see for tomorrow's freebie? More beads, more alphas, more frames, what do you think? And remember to check back because I just finished the kit for Friday's freebie and I think you're going to love it.
Leave me some love, give me some ideas, tell me if you like these or not. Heck, just say "hi" lol...

Thanks for the comments and PLEASE keep 'em coming...see, you've made me resort to begging lol...

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Something different...

Good morning all...

I promised a little something different so it here is. It's a really cute copper alpha set. Includes upper, lower and numbers. I hope you like it. Remember to leave me some love!


Go snag it here at

By the way, I said I would be doing a freebie a day for a week...on the last day look for a whole kit of beautiful goodies.......

Friday, October 5, 2007

Another bead freebie...

I told you I had lots of these. lol... I want to say thank you to all those who downloaded my freebie from yesterday, visited my site, or left me a comment. I was very pleased with my first days response. So I've decided to do a freebie a day for the next week. They won't all be beads lol I do have other things...

And please leave me some love! I always try to when I download another designer's freebies and now I'm glad I do. They really do mean a lot!!!!

So here you go....Ladybug beads...

Grab them here at

Thursday, October 4, 2007

First freebie....

OK I just couldn't help myself....

Here is a freebie that I hope you can use. Just a hint, I love, love, love beads, so check back for lots more.

You can grab these at

New blog...

Well, here goes nothing....
I have decided to start this blog in hopes that everyone out there will like my work enough to download it. lol...It will take me a little while to get things organized, so if you stumble across this and think, now why, just keep checking back. I promise you won't be disappointed.
Hugs to all!